Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picking up the pen

I haven't blogged in about 2 years. I think most of my creative juice was squeezed out during the triplet toddler years and certainly after my cancer journey, I had pretty much wrung myself out at the old blog. I thought perhaps those unwritten years were a new season that I was entering, when in fact I think it was a time for refilling and reenergizing. The kids are in full day school now and I've had a good long stretch of recuperative naps on the couch and study in the Word. There's no getting away from the fact that my mind continued writing, even when my hands were busy with a hundred other obligations. I feel now that it's time to set them once again to the pen, or in this modern way of writing, to the keys. God's been so busy writing in me and I realize that, as a result, I am so hungry to write for Him. So off I go!

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